We are an inclusive group of video game enthusiasts in Minnesota, here to talk about current video game news and games we love to play.





Jon hails from a small town a “country mile” north of Omaha, NE, called Blair.  After graduating high school he attended the University of Minnesota where he primarily studied Tony Hawk 3 and Snood, rather than attending lectures.  This was an eye-opening experience which led Jon back to Nebraska to focus on his studies and eventually graduate with his PharmD from Nebraska Medical Center. 


However, he just couldn’t stay away from the Great White North and moved back to Minnesota where he worked as a pharmacist for Target. But, Jon soon found that the Target Koolaid tastes horrible!  He had to escape the grips of the corporate machine and luckily found a job at Children’s Minnesota, where he remains today, as a clinical pharmacist.


Outside of video games Jon enjoys snowboarding, cycling, playing guitar, going to warm places, piloting single engine airplanes and hanging out with his little boy who is always on the move!





AJ Eide was born and raised in Minnesota but ferociously hates the cold. You will only see him outside during the winter when snowboarding or going to buy more canned tuna to eat cold with his unending supply of original flavored saltines.

When the local cantina has run out of it’s winter supply of aluminum cased fish he ventures to his dad’s place in the Florida Keys where he eats sea creatures straight from the source. 

In an attempt to leave behind the horrors of corporate America AJ has joined the Mostly Normal Gamers Podcast and With the power of lack luster video game knowledge in one hand, the voice of an angel in the other he ventures forth to spread the good word of games to all. Godspeed my good man, godspeed.” 





We beam Chris’ baritone musings into the show from a land far to the south (Madison, Wisconsin). Chris plays games far too slowly to be on this podcast, but desperate times call for desperate co-host choices. His list of favorite games is almost as long as his backlog. No, he probably hasn’t played your favorite game, but he heard it’s great.


Chris has been in Nintendo’s corner since he picked up a Silver GameBoy Pocket at age 7. He is just as likely to be spending time in the latest indie platformer, multiplayer FPS, or the consensus GOTY from three years ago.


When Chris isn’t slamming his head against a boss fight he isn’t quite prepared for, he keeps busy baking bread, experimenting in the kitchen, and partaking in his home state’s finest beverages. 

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